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Our team of professionals adopts the ethics and professional conduct of the profession. Our professional conscience, our passion for the profession and our ambition to grow through the quality of the solutions we offer constitute our motivation.

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Our translation services are used to transmit a message written in a source language or departure language to another destination language or target language while preserving the meaning and style.


At Exprimere Consulting, we respond, with professionalism, to the innate aspirations of our clients to express and communicate what really matters to them.

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Writing is part of our job. Are you short of inspiration and words when developing your documents and other communications? Do you want to refine your texts?  Entrust us with your writing, editing and proofreading tasks.


At Exprimere Consulting, our mission is to meet your natural need  to express and communicate what really matters.

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Our training includes language learning programs and sharing of professional know-how, such as CAT tools training. 


At Exprimere Consulting, with our expertise and linguistic talent, we express what matters to you in a refined, elegant and correct manner.

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We offer interpretation services to help you get the most out of meetings and other exchanges in a variety of settings. Our interpreting services cover a variety of fields and contexts.


Depending on your needs, we provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.  To meet your expectations, our team is selected on the basis of very demanding professional requirements.

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Our terminology solutions are designed to take care of and enhance the image of our customers through efficiency, finesse and elegance in your oral or written communications.

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