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Drops of intelligence that feed our spirits

The Scriptures hold that man was created in the image of God. And that God is spirit. This means that our mind, or spirit, is a power that determines the meaning of our lives.


If we are all created according to the same principle, it goes without saying that the extent to which we can develop and exploit the potential of our faculties is proportional to the degree of maturity and richness of our respective minds.

Being created in the image of God means that man has the power of self-determination, of becoming what he chooses to become. But how?

Well, experience shows that the ideas and thoughts to which humans are exposed have the potential to influence their decisions and choices, shaping their lives.

We at Exprimere express and share the thoughts and ideas we encounter in our interactions with others. We hope this will give you the opportunity to share with the whole Exprimere community through your comments.

Enjoy this rich adventure of sharing!

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