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​The history of mankind and civilizations demonstrates the need for language in the implementation of any work which scope is beyond individual capacities and requires the combination of individual emotional, intellectual and physical forces to create a social energy, that is both necessary and powerful enough to enable the achievement of great social works.

Language is therefore “the material” that enters into the construction of any achievement by humans as a social beings.

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Indeed, in the construction of great nations and implementation of major development projects, just as in international trade, interactions between stakeholders the use of language is the primary prerequisite.

Too much talent and too many projects fail out of lack of effective solutions to express and communicate the associated relevance, originality or innovative. Too many facts show that the candid use of the language faculties that humans are endowed with restricts users effectiveness and presents, in some cases, serious risks.

It goes without saying that in a world marked by linguistic diversity, the legal, political, financial, technical, scientific, psycho-emotional, social or  business stakes connected to how language is used in a given context require mastery of standards, coding and decoding of oral and written communications in relevent different languages.

Clearly, the success of any task in society is mainly based on the quality of communication between the people involved. This condition is necessary in all linguistic contexts: monolingual and multilingual. Thus, improved communication will improve the performance of social and professional activities.

Therefore, interpretation, translation, publishing, as well as ancillary services such as terminology management, editing, transcription and subtitling play a critical role.


Exprimere Consulting is a business with relevent expertise in to provide language services. At Exprimere, professional solutions are crafted to suppress the ambiguities in the use of language. This include mproving the relevance of terms in relation to contexts or fields.

Address: Cocody Riviéra 2 Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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Tel : +225 010 250 1052


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